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Lindsey is Reform and Ashkenazi and lives in New York, which probably makes her the most likely ever to make this sort of a blog. She does comics and is best, Jewwise, at 20th century history and Israeli snack food.

Hannah was brought up Secular Humanist, which means she has no idea how to do any manner of religious ceremony and thinks that Sukkot involves Froot Loops, but is quite talented in the arts of building graham cracker shtetls and other extremely important cultural things. She also has a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of the history of antisemitism in medieval Europe, for some reason.

Oliver does not have any of this really cool encyclopedic knowledge but is sufficiently rad enough to make up for it simply by existing. She is a Reform Mizrahi from Rhode Island currently living in New Mexico, went to a Jewish summer camp for eight years, and greatly enjoys gluten free-ifying all of her favorite foods.

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30 January 13



1. Observant Jewish woman in Vilna reading the ‘Tseno Ureno (Tseneréne), A Yiddish bible intended for women. (<1940)

2. Tseneréne from 1799.

The Tseno Ureno (צאנה וראינה Tze’nah u-Re’nah), sometimes called the Women’s Bible, was a 1622 Yiddish-language prose work whose structure parallels the weekly Torah portions of the Pentateuch and Haftorahs used in Jewish worship services. The book was written by Rabbi Jacob ben Isaac Ashkenazi (1550–1625) of Janowa (near Lublin, Poland), and mixes Biblical passages with teachings from Judaism’s Oral Law such as the Talmud’s Aggada and Midrash, which are sometimes called “parables, allegories, short stories, anecdotes, legends, and admonitions” by secular writers.

The name derives from a verse of the Song of Songs that begins Tseno ureno b’nos Tsion (צְאֶנָה וּרְאֶינָה בְּנוֹת צִיּוֹן, “Go forth and see, O ye daughters of Zion” (3:11). In modern Israeli Hebrew pronunciation is: “Tze’na ure’ena, bnot Tziyon”.

This book is dope and rabbi Ashkenazi was kind of a rebel for writing it.

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